Tuesday, June 12, 2007

"Daily" Queen

"Dad, I don't want a lizard!" Dad looked at his 3-year old boy on their way out of the ice cream shop and mockingly replied: "It's not lizard honey, it's Blizzard." We were laughing real hard as the cute annoyed kid dashed out of the place while dragging his dad's hand. Of course, we were all sitting there, watching people go crazy about what flavor to get at that place called "Dairy Queen." Yeah, i'm pretty sure anyone would know what exactly i'm talking about. Especially when i say the Brownie Temptation Blizzard is to die for. Man, you wouldn't care if this temptation leads you straight down to the abyss. It just tastes perfect, i didn't even care that i was already having it for the past three straight weeks.
I've been on a project that made me stay quite long in that new mall somewhere in Quezon City, and one of the prettiest things that made my job so enjoyable, let alone sinful, was this ice cream i can never cut ties with. Now that my job there is done, due to memories attached to it, i cannot not drop by the shop everytime i see it. How strange, i know i'm a sweet-toothed being but my OC-ness when it comes to maintaining my white teeth just so contradicts this chocolate frenzy. I just hope i'd be brought back to my sanity much sooner (though i know it won't happen, not in a month's time). Can someone help me, please?

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