Friday, June 22, 2007


Today i've just realized that within me lies a hidden peril as I stride along this path called life. Pride, let alone arrogance, has been stealthily creeping into my system, rather little by little devouring the ends of my soul. Pretty scary. Especially when i do nothing about it. Before i know it, it might be too late to find out i've already been infested by a huge sum of deception surrounding me. The merciful thing i'd face (next to an eternal death), given that i'd do nothing about this, would be a curse.

There's one thing that has been unchanging since pride dawned upon me: I never run out of negative things to point at. Like when someone nudges me for no reason at all, my nostrils would easily fume with fury. Or when someone tells me how things should have been done, when i did the exact opposite, i'd feel like just waliking away without a word, ditching the parrot talking. Friend, if you're somehow feeling the same way, you're on your way to a curse. Be warned. Resilience is never too easy.

You know what? I'm actually on my way to having the original emo look now (just as how Peter Parker had it when he was cursed living with that symbiont in Spiderman 3). But i changed my mind. I've decided i won't live the curse. The one sure thing that awaits me here is death (Mind you, it's not even a meaningful death, but an empty one.). And i don't want that. I want a life well-lived, rather a life well-spent dying (if there's such a kind).

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