Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Duet With A Dog

I was brushing my teeth while staring at my face in the mirror, trying to multitask by meticulating how huge my pores have become. I was brushing real hard (that's how i usually do it), i bet you can hear how hard and loud the bristles have been srubbing even my ruby-red gums off. I was engrossed at the moment. No distractions, all alone in the bathroom, when, at that same moment, the sound of the bristles scrubbing my teeth became as sonorous that it went way up by several decibels! Suddenly, i felt i was inside a huge theater, rehearsing some broadway piece with a chorus. I looked around me. Lo and behold, a furry dog was on the floor staring up at me, panting so loud, tongue all-out. It was Uni.

Meet Uni, our newest pet Shih Tzu, the sweetest dog i've ever met. Half a decade ago i purchased my first dog (a female, yellow Labrador Retriever, who's still with me right now), that back then i have never settled my eyes on any other dog except her. She was lovely. I loved her, she loved me, we were happy. Until, i met Uni. Of course nothing will replace my first dog. We are still what we were before, but i just could not refuse to talk about this new one. Who else would care keeping you company when you're mundanely brushing your teeth? While you're all quiet reading a book? She's such a doll. She's an epitome of that creature which we always believe can move and change hearts, a creature that selflessly offers friendship without expecting anything in return. What's more to tell? It is that everyone in my family, even the worst dog-haters among us began considering Uni a sweetheart. Amazing, isn't it?