Sunday, July 17, 2011

Things That Remind You Of Things

I am so amazed at how certain things, no matter how trivial to others, can mean so much to you especially when they remind you of certain milestones in your life. These may be an empty cup of Starbucks Frappuccino from your first date, a movie pass from your first date, or a plane ticket of your first travel out of the country. But don't worry, i have none of these. Let me tell you though of "my" things that remind me of things.

I remember, when i first came to the U.S. with my entire family, an uncle of mine gave me a Victoria's Secret cologne (it was annoyingly popular then). I was so happy, i loved it so much that in my whole 2 months of staying there, i splashed on the cologne every single day. My gosh, i squirt a portion of it even at bedtime. If i remember it right, the scent was something like "Riviera Sun" which i can no longer find now. But the scent is so vivid to me even up to this day.

Like I said, i used that cologne during my entire stay there in the U.S. When i came back here in the Philippines, the bottle left me a good 25% so that i can still show the scent off to my friends and cousins. Although this time, i lessened my use of it. I used it only for special days, not everyday. There even came a point that i forgot about it already. But after months of not using it, i noticed it again in my closet and decided to squirt it on my neck, arms, and clothes again. Wow! I can't tell you how it felt when i smelled again the scent that became my signature during my U.S. trip. I was immediately brought back to that memorable trip with my family. It was so sweet. It's like when Ego-the-food-critic first tasted Remy-the-rodent's Ratatouille. At Ego's first bite, he was immediately brought back to his sweet childhood when his mother would prepare her famous Ratatouille for him.

And then there are some songs that would remind you of things too. I know this happens with everyone. For me, one particular song that would remind me of things is the song "Rejoice in the Lord Always". The last time i heard that song was in 2009 when the horrible storm Ondoy hit our country. I remember, it was the same day my life was hit by my own Ondoy too. And during that, my Ondoy, what kept me were the songs in my ipod that i listened to until i fell asleep.

The other day i listened to the same songs that i listened to when i was going through my Ondoy. Boy was i brought back to those times in no time. I remembered vividly the days when it will rain the whole day and electricity was out almost the entire day. I feared being alone in my room so i had to have my ipod and songs with me to cradle me to sleep. I remembered vividly how i would wake up in the middle of the night palpitating. God, i remembered it all. But yeah, two years have passed now and God has been faithful. I'm glad God taught me things so differently that had i not sought Him, i would not have known how to face my Ondoy. Now i thank God for my new life. New friends he has given me. New loved ones He has blessed me with. New helpmates. I thank God for everything.

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