Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dear Dear,

I miss writing to someone. I remember, back in high school, i used to write a lot. I wrote to my friends using my Sanrio stationery. I miss those days. Now, when i try to write to someone, it feels weird. My letters don't feel real at all. Eeeeeeeek.

So last night i decided i will practice writing to someone through this blog. I will try, instead of simple narration, to pretend that i'm writing to someone. Let's see where this will take me. Hope i'll improve in time.

This thought actually came to me when i learned that my brother Joshua received a letter from his cousin Ading May. She wrote to him in Tagalog, beginning her letter with "Mahal Kong Joshua,"... and ending it with "Ang Iyong Pinsan, May." Her letter was about how she survived her critical condition inside the hospital when she got ill. She told him stories about how often she threw up whenever her mom tries to feed her; stories about how painful everything was. Basta yun, kaka-inspire. I feel this girl will be a writer someday.

In a while i will start with my first letter. I'm excited!

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