Sunday, September 9, 2007

To A Colorful Reading


A dear someone confided in me when he said he'd rather be friends with books than with humans. I contemplated for a nanosecond and gave him a hint that a part of me wanted to agree while another part wanted a duel. I always do that. This time around it's because i wanted to convey how interaction with humans are as important as interaction with pages.

I hate it. I hate it when a fiction that you find too cheesy to read leaves you a piercing mark right after that all you want to do is lie down, reflect, and cry.

I love it. I love it when the same book suddenly switches your mode then puts you in a knight-in-shining-armorish stance that you're all revved up all of a sudden. The power of hope, the piercing light paves the way for a new path.

Hmmmmm, hmmmmmm....... The same dork (who'd spend eternity with his books) handed me some of his a-list reads. I read some of them. I'm actually on one of the cute, cheesy novels right now. But they're just as moving! I don't know how these writers do it. They're just so amazing. Crazy geniuses. Someday i'd be one of them.

Geniuses though they may be, i have always believed that their gifts have been bestowed upon to make this world a better place. They were called not only to reflect society, not only to aid us in voicing out to reveal truths, but also to imbibe and equip so that we, humans, would not only care to animate books but would care to understand what it means to be in a human world.

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