Monday, September 24, 2007

Emo Whatever

For some unknown reason i could not sleep in my room alone anymore. It's either i'd have Uni (our pet Shih Tzu) spend the night in my room or i'd ask Shapot (our youngest kid in the house) to fix his mattress on my floor so that he'd sleep in my room. Is it only because i'm going through a phase or am i simply growing backwards? I hope not the latter.

Emo whatever..

It was one boring moment in my office when my colleague cracked a silly thought asking us: "Who do you think is the most "emo" among the emo bands? I looked at her and found her lips about to utter the same band that popped right in my head - "My Chemical Romance". We both said it out loud. And there, my signature grenade-launcher-laugh got us all started that morning. I don't even know why the hideous laugh. I just found the name so pathetic. And silly.

What do you know? I might be just as emotional as these silly guys are. Believe me, i can stare at any white wall as long as i want and i can give anyone a blank face for a doughnut.

I wonder why.

But i'm happy i've been working much more efficiently nowadays. I hope this'll go on forever.

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