Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Make it Happen

Two years. I've been toiling myself seeking for the best school, the best fashion course that i'd be mastering in. But none has ever materialized. All the while i thought it was only because i have never seriously sat down on it, but thank God, i came to realize it was just not the one i was dying to take.

Thanks to Rei Kawakubo, founder - Comme Des Garcons. She quite showed me the way to my discovery; one of the biggest names, if not a legend in the fashion industry. Her foundation? Having studied Philosophy, Fine Arts and Literature. Can you imagine? When a door finally opened for her to enter into the fashion industry, she didn't even know what a lace looked like. A lace, i know. Even a macho guy from some uptown Bronx would know what a lace is. But she didn't. Come to think of it, France won't be history when it comes to fashion if not for the lace factories. And funny she came up with the brand "Comme Des Garcons" - a french term for "like some boys". But she didn't care. People around didn't care what she new about fashion history. All her life she just commited herself to bringing about new discoveries, breaking new grounds, and making history. And that was it.

And so, when one day i was brought to some daydreaming, my lifelong dream quite popped in my head - taking up Art History. OMG. I felt some sugarless sugar rush all of a sudden. It suddenly became possible; i felt my call as a designer and all this now seemed that they would work out so well altogether. I began thinking, if i pursue the field i really love, not only would i master more than one skill but by merging these disciplines altogether i would, in no time, establish my niche. Right. The substance i've been talking about. I can be a Kawakubo who stuck to what gifts she has, honed them, so that in the end she offered something called intellectual fashion. I can be like her, that even now at age 64, she's still rockin', continuously venturing even into a much younger market! And mind you, she still never runs out of new and interesting things to show her worldwide audience. She, in fact, still drives the fashion scene mad! Only because she followed what was in her heart, what truly represented her as a being. And amen to that!

I'm on my way. I've heard Kenneth Cobonpue's (a world-renowned, Cebu-based furniture designer) been asked to teach in U.P. Cebu, College of Fine Arts, Industrial Design. And this is so much inspiration! Thank goodness for this light expected to be at the end of a tunnel. Oh, did i tell you? I have always dreamed of being an Art History teacher. And i'm not giving up that dream. I know someday my Creator would converge things that are close to my heart, because i know He was the one who instilled that dream in me. For now i'd do whatever needs to be done. I'd start, of course, by looking for the best school (now as serious), next would be by renewing my driver's license (in case i end up taking it at my Alma Mater, which i don't mind doing), and the rest would be my continuous self-study. Wooothooo!!!

Calling all dreamers! Find the right people that will help you get to your field. They don't necessarily have to be those whom you can have a tete-a-tete with. They can be a Kawakubo who wouldn't even know you exist!


elyzar said...

that made me feel like i've been going against my design. i mean the desires instilled in me that i’ve been too afraid to face. i understand its more tragic to go through life missing out on the chance to live out your passion but just knowing this doesn't simply make you fall into motion towards your inner most heart’s desire. there are too many consequences and obstacles, plenty of worn out bridges to cross just to get started and your only investment…the notion being that you see things differently and your being special in this sort of way may actually pave way to a kinder happier sky which would eventually be one step closer to what He intended you to be. this is what makes the grown-up world such a disappointment. too much complication. it was fun when it was all play.

but its really comforting how you put it, that the reason we're inclined to such feelings is because He placed them there. so not going after it to some extent is like going against his plan, right? thanks cristine. i feel much braver now. goodbye desk job. as one ad said, 'life is too short for the wrong kind of job'. i'll just buzz you when its time to beg for food. :)

and yeah i ought to find myself new heroes. the majority of them either killed themselves or overdosed. not a very good raw model. i’ve always focused on the works….not really considering how the life was lived. i see that’s not the smartest way to go.

tinay_md said...

hey elyzar! a smile i get to wear upon realizing there is some spark out there.

oh, and regarding your thoughts, that is why i love "the little prince" so much :)

good to hear from you, elyzar. Thank you for dropping by. God bless! :)