Friday, August 10, 2007

Caffeine Overload and Ceaselessly Dreaming

Kinda back to my groove again.

Except for some nauseating morning pains (but not a preggy thing, don't worry). They still come once in a while, reminding me i'm still alive. I just cry.

But towards the end of the day, i'm so much filled with dreams that i could not sleep over them sometimes. Or maybe because Starbucks now came out with venti cups for hot drinks (although they serve them an eighth short of the entire cup). I don't care. I'm beginning to love the caffeine overload: one ginormous Starbucks souvenir mug of black coffee in the morning, green tea in the afternoon, a venti cup of hazelnut cappuccino in the evening. I don't mind staining my teeth anymore. i'm a caffeine slave now. It's my new vanity.

I'm grateful for having a few weeks' rest from whatever i have been accustomed to doing. My diverted focus taught me to pray for little things. It's the sweetest thing so far, learning how God works in the minutest details.

And God will work also for the grander things. The great and personal God - one and the same. I will not lose hope. I will keep fighting, for He wants me not just to finish the race, but to finish it strong.


dorky.dorkus said...
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Paolo... said...

caffeine! can't go without drinking at least a cup of tea! :)

glad to hear about those little things to pray for! :) sure great to know how He works in our lives...

tinay_md said...

hehe :) welcome to the caffeine world!

God bless pal!