Saturday, July 14, 2007


I just saw Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix last night. I've read the book. But up to now i still don't believe Sirius Black is completely dead. In the 6th book (forgot the title), neither am i convinced that Dumbledore too is dead. This just could not happen. Rowling cannot get rid of Harry's mentors just like that. Haha! What do i know about plots, anyway? But hey, I live in a free world, i can say what i want. What do you know, i might be making sense.

I've always been fond of writing. I remember i used to write to my friends a lot when i was in high school. But, sadly, i didn't give much to train myself to write well. I hated reading.

That is why i can never be grateful enough when i read Stephen King's book - On Writing: Memoirs of the Craft (or something to that effect. Forgot the exact title. I always forget, forgive me; i've the weirdest memory.) In the book King said, if you want to become a writer, you need to read a lot and write a lot. God saved my life, He got me to start reading back in College. And now, believing every bit of what King said, i try to write with sense. But it's sooooooooooooooo hard to make sense. In fact, due to a dire need, i recently wrote someone a letter recounting thngs in my life. i sent it after an hour completing it. The next morning, i reread what i sent. Golly, i sucked. I wanted so much to edit what i wrote, but it wasn't necessary. Damage has been done (hihi).

I don't know what i am actually driving at. See, I AM NOT MAKING SENSE. I just wanted to write so bad. It's because i can't get myself to read. Hey, i've a good question (a life-and-death kind of thing): Which would you prefer to become, a thriving chef or a starving artist? If you choose to become a thriving chef, you'd take risks such as cutting your middle finger with the sharpest kitchen knife or maybe like burning half of your face while retrieving something from the wood-fired oven. While if you choose to become the starving artist, you'd take risks such as losing your mind, period. So which one?

Hmmmmm.... (i'm humming a hymn in my head -like how Humtpy Dumpty used to do while strolling down the wonderland. Wait, i'm kinda not sure if Humpty Dumpty really used to do this. I just remember his riddle and his wall. I'm making this all up, forgive me. I thought it might sound interesting).

I lost my nail cutter. I had to sneak in my parents' bedroom to get my mom's because my nails kinda grown long and yellowish. I didn't know my dad was already in a deep sleep when i snuck in. A few minutes after i left the room, he called me through my cellphone. He asked where i was. I said i just went out of their room. He didn't mind, we still talked over the cellphone. He asked me how i was. Weird. Does this make sense?

I'm just probably so pumped up tonight. I had three strong doses of caffeine, that's why. Had 2 cups of cappuccino and a cup of green tea. My tummy's kinda going berserk right now, but i'm ignoring it.

Finally, i can't think of anything more to write down. Maybe i should start reading. Haven't touched my thick red book for quite a while. I'm not even halfway through with it. i'll try finishing some pages tonight. Wish me luck.


Paolo... said...

hello po napadaan lang..ü I can't really believe that Sirius and Dumbledore is dead too! I still have this slightest hope that they'd still be alive in the end...

And when it comes to writing..we have the same thoughts on it!! I, too just can't make any sense, but someone said (I can't remember who it was) that sometimes the things that made the most sense are the ones the maker thought of as nonesense...ü

napadaan lang!ü take care! have a blessed week!ü

tinay_md said...

hey dar! :) thanks for dropping by and caring to grace my blog. you made me happy today :) i'll let lea know you dropped by. good to hear you love to write nonsensical things too! welcome to the club! and hey, also learned from you today. see you around!