Thursday, July 12, 2007

Happy or Not, Here I Come

Happy Feet spoke to me very clearly today. I've seen it once before but it didn't speak to me as much as how it did this evening. Well, not until someone had to preach about it (as if it was carefully preapared for me) so i i'd wake myself up from sleep. You know, i tend to forget things. I always do, in fact. And i didn't quite expect a penguin would give me a nudge this time (though, sadly, i can't speak penguin yet), i mean a penguin story (the usually not so popular one) would be used to pull my hair, get my attention for a second, and whisper to me a sharp reminder i badly need at this very moment.

Today i am being reminded of things in the aspect of pursuing my call and in the aspect of waiting.

Hmmmm.... can't think of anything else to write at this moment. I feel lazy. The weather's just one to blame, the rest would be myself. I've been trying to take care of myself as much as i could but i don't think my body wants to respond the way i wanted it to. I think I know why. but i choose not to tell. I don't want to be dragged back into that abyss again.

If i write some more, i bet i'd end up whining about many things again. I need to stop here for now. I choose to smile, nonetheless.

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