Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Confession

Right after lunch my siblings and i headed straight to that ice cream kiosk with the cute doodled font name Sebastian's. It is actually our 3rd time to visit this ice cream corner. It has become our new favorite.

I dread it so much whenever we come to this place, not only because of the grumpy ice cream lady but also because i'm about to give in again to the most sinful dessert ever: the Midnight Truffle ice cream sandwich (they call it chill-y burger). It's an ice cream sandwich made with 2 layers of dark chocolate cookies filled with chocolate ice cream with a thick, decadent fudge in the
middle (now this gooey thing in the middle is what makes it verrrrrry sinful). Whenever we come to this place i pray that this flavor won't be available so i won't have commit the 7th deadly sin again (not adultery, it's gluttony). But sadly, today it was there. I nervously indulged myself and wolfed down the dessert in no time.

So now i confess. Lord forgive me, i promise to become a better person next week.

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