Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Going Nuts Over Muji

So i finally got to my place nearest heaven, Muji. I spend an hour on the average whenever i find a muji store in hk. Not to hoard, really. But often to observe and be awed by things.

On our last day, i was killing time inside one of their biggest stores. I browsed every shelf, almost touched every product Muji had.

Then i thought of getting something to munch on in the train on our way to China. So i went to Muji's snacks section. Of course i did not get the flavored, unconventionally shaped marshmallows like i used to have. I opted for my next addiction: nuts.

Super foods they call these three: almonds, walnuts and cashews. Perfect!

Then, because i got jealous that one of my colleagues brought sun-maid raisins for baon, i got mine too.

Nuts and raisins: my perfect mix. It's an added value that i eat them from a simple yet elegant packaging. It's a plus plus that i could not understand any word from it except for "mixed nuts" in the label. Everything is in Japanese! Pangarap ko magkaganitong produkto ang pinoy balang araw. hehe!


Anonymous said...


Tinay said...

sa wakas naintindihan na kita ngayon. buti naman at may kabuluhan ang comment mo. salamat sa pag-abala. hapon ka, pinoy ako. usap tayo. next time alibata na ito pramis!

The Goldfish Pool said...

ano naman ang konek nun? nakakalurky. matalinhaga!

Tinay said...

haaay, sabi ko sayo hindi spam yun eh. kakapraning na, ab. china ka na ba? see you soon please? mich you!!

iya said...

anonymous guy is such a loser. can't even say what he wants to say. like hello?!! not worth it.

Tinay said...

hay nako melea, i just wish it's a guy ha!