Friday, February 10, 2012

And Now, Chocolates

Okay, if God will allow me to become another person, i want to be:

Number 1. A wine connoisseur
Number 2. A chocolate connoisseur
Number 3. An ice cream connoisseur (???)

But since God did not make me a connoisseur of any of these 3 but instead made me an eating connoisseur, i will then keep getting better at eating and instead share a couple of my food addictions with you.

For my ice cream addiction, there are 3 things in my life:
Number 1: Haagen Daazs Rum Raisin
Number 2: Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia
Number 3: Rocky Road Ice cream

For chocolates, i'm a big fan of dark chocolates. And because of too much watching Willie's Wonky Chocolate Factory, i learned a few things about chocolates and one day i just decided to try out some organic dark ones that i can take especially before working out.
At a deli yesterday, i spotted these:
It was a bit difficult to decide which ones to try but they say healthy chocolates (that are a great source of antioxidants) should at least be 65% and up so i decided to get the 80% and 72%.

And then i saw this:
It was my first time to see a chocolate bar that's 95% cacao so i thought it was cool and worth trying.  So i got this too.

On my way out of the deli i immediately unwrapped the 80% chocolate bar and popped a piece in my mouth.  I can't believe i was eating an 80% bar.  It was not too bitter, it was creamy unlike other dark chocolate bars, but what i was worried about was its sugar content.  It was a bit sweet, so i don't know what this will do to my once-a-week-sugar diet.  

When i came home, out of still too much excitement, i unwrapped the 95% bar.  I was too curious, i needed a comparison between the 95% and the 80%.  And i was surprised, this 95% bar was not bitter as i expected.  It was also a bit sweet, but not bad at all.

Well, about wines, uhmm, i'm lazy to put some.  Okay have to go.  

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